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The Empowerment Project

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Everyone fantasizes about achieving wondrous, impossible things. But often fear and doubt hold one back from swimming toward these ships. What would you do if you were't afraid to fail? Together, best friends, Dana Michelle Cook and Sarah Moshman, concocted a wild plan to not only fulfill their wildest dreams ...


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There are few things that remain a constant fact in this world: the earth revolves around the sun, there are twenty-four hours in a day, and photos remain still. That is, unless one downloads the clever free app called Phhhoto. (more…)

A Vacant Lot

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Empty and isolated sits the spot of the Ralph’s shopping center where the gas station used to be. Every morning, we drive past it on our way to school, or pity it from a distance when walking with our friends to a late lunch at Bagel Me. The vacant corner ...

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