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How a Book Saved a Life

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It was 1980 when a Somalian newlywed of only thirty-one years of age was sentenced to life in prison for writing a letter complaining about the poor conditions of the local hospital. The single rule of this Somali prison was the punishment of complete isolation: silence. Unable to speak, Mohamed Barud ...

Moana Review

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Through the years, Disney and Pixar have had their fair share of princess, but something unique and powerful about Moana captivates the true spirit that Disney had once embellished to make themselves the best. The saying goes, if it’s not broke, don’t fix it and Moana cultivates this statement perfectly. ...

Gossip: The Social Epidemic

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90210.One Tree Hill. Pretty Little Liars. The Royals. Keeping up with the Kardashians. Fashion Police. The OC. The Bachelor. Real Housewives of ANYWHERE. The list could go on forever. All of these shows have one thing in common that keeps us interested. Gossip. Who said what about who? Do you ...

The Highlight of my Summer Vacation

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   My summer was non-stop. From two soccer camps, tournaments, and weekly training sessions, I was in desperate need of a little getaway. My mini vacation was to Santa Ynez; or more specifically, Los Olivos. A quaint town with bed and breakfasts, restaurants, community parks, horse trails and a whole lotta ...

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