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Trappist-1 System

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NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope has uncovered the principal known system of seven Earth-sized planets around a solitary red dwarf star. Three of these planets are immovably situated in the tenable zone, the range around the parent star where a rough planet is well on the way to have fluid water. The ...

What Does Depression Mean Now?

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Depression is classified as a mood disorder that can be described as feelings of sadness, loss, or anger. These negative emotions interfere with a person’s everyday activities. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), depression affects one in 10 Americans. People experience depression in different ways, and ...

Goodbye, Comfort

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Anxiety's miasma A toxic, suffocating vapor, Forcing me to submit into incessant fidgets and short breaths The painful badump pulsing in my head. Savoring the comfort of my bed, Listening to the clock tick in the dark, Waiting as time passes by, My heart beats faster with every unsteady breath I take. "Will I make friends?" "Will I be ...

A Helping Hand

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Since her early years of elementary school, Josephine Pham had a passion for helping others around her in any way possible. Her above average grades were not surprising either. Her determination in school gave her the strength to push towards her education. “A lot of the students in my class ...

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